beats cardboard roofs anytime.

after living so long in my new apartment,
i realise how much i need an oven.
and a blender.

i cant cook a lot of stuff.
which means...
currently, im limited to only,
steaming, boiling, poaching, frying and the trusty microwaving.

i have also realised i have not touch my iron since feb.
i have not been ironing my clothes.
i have mastered the art of smoothing out creases.
and purchasing wrinkle free clothes.

what else is wrong with my house?
the ceiling is STILL leaking.
when it rains..... i can hear it go..
drip drop drip drop drip drop..
and i want to just pull out my hair
cause the sound wakes me up from my lovely dreams.

so yes.
u can say im living in a slump.
a leaking, ovenless slump.
but hey.
its MY slump. =)
(equals privacy equals having the ability to walk around the house naked =) )

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