addiction to the visit preparations

11 days!! oh my goodness. im SO EXCITED.
as usual, i start to obsess over things. i have planned the itinerary a dozen of times over and over again in my head, but cant really seem to settle on anything that i want, being as fickle as i am. i cant stop dreaming.

but the thing is i know that the more i psych myself up, the faster those few days will pass, and before i know it, i would feel that we have spent more time at the airport.

so for now, all i can do is to stay calm. which is tremendously hard.

keeping my mind off the long awaited visit, i shall talk about something totally irrelevant.

do u ever wonder why that there always seems to be a sparkle everywhere u look.

like in the tiny puddle of water by the roadside, or the shiny Volkswagen driving past, or in the bright round eyes of someone engaging, or in the lovely heels you were wearing that day, or in a dewdrop rolling off a leaf? i have no idea why too. but i think the reason its there is to make us happy. hints of happiness. so just look around, for the "sparkles" in your life.

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