dreams cheat on me

i just had a dream a couple of days ago. and the ending woke me up. i hate these kind of dreams. they make me wonder what the underlying meaning of it all really is, what my unconscious mind is trying to tell me.

it was about ryan cheating on me.
he kissed her.
she was indian.
and had big boobs.

hm........lets try to analyse this even though many people would go..."clara.........u think too much...." but i cant help it! dreams are fascinating. your mind is trying to tell u something about urself while ur sleeping. and im going to figure out what it is.

possibilities of what my unconscious mind is trying to tell me

  1. i am insecure about ryan cheating on me, which is weird cause i know he wont.

  2. i want bigger boobs, which i know is already true and i dont need my unconscious mind to tell me that.

  3. i am racist towards indians. (which i do not think is entirely true, but who knows what we really feel deep down inside regarding such a sensitive issue considering singapore is oh so multi-racial)

i think thats about it. oh and thats a picture of the view from my window when the sun is setting onto the melbourne skyline below.

i specifically made sure i did not forget this dream. i usually forget all my dreams. but for this one, when i woke up 2 mins before my alarm was suppose to ring, and had the thought of that atrocious indian girl saying "will you be my bf?" in my head, i grabbed a pen and paper and scribbled through my half opened eyes.


fakeprada said...

Aww Lee, you're too cute. I'm so glad you decided to follow through and have a blog. (:

Clara said...

haha!! great...now u will know how much of a retard i really am...=S

Samantha said...

haha! such a fasinating post... (:
im here as i said!
take care gal!cya! sam-

Clara said...

hey sam! haha yes see you in class =)