go go go go go go go go go go

this thought has occurred to me many times in my life, when im working the shit out of myself and wondering...."why am i doing all this for?"

so i have came out with this explanation to convince myself to get off my lazy ass and continue writing my god damn essay. here goes..

clara lee, you are working this hard so that u will get good grades. what if u dont get good grades? u will end up on working in a coffee shop ALL YOUR LIFE till your arms and legs cant function anymore. im sure u dont want that to happen now would u. so trot along and go do your work so that when u do get good grades, and get a degree, u will be able to find a job that lets u work EVEN THOUGH your hands and legs cant function anymore cause u are just way to good and the people need you. and with the money u get from that job, you will be able to support "little claras" (as ryan says) and never be forgotten in this world ever.

so yes.

now i shall go do my essay.

so i wont be forgotten.

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