god have mercy on me

im a free thinker. even though i might not have a religious faith and dont believe in god, i think that there is an after life. sounds weird i know. like how can there be an after life without god?

let me explain my so called theory.

okay. so when i die *touch wood* (ridiculous to do so cause all human beings die eventually, but being the superstitious person i am, i shall still do so), i would like to be cremated please. i dont want my body to be rotting in dirt with maggots and god knows what sort of bugs to be crawling around me and soon i will be nothing but dirty, filthy bones. so yes, my ashes shall be placed in several bottles. preferably 3 bottles. the first one will be given to my husband, and the other to my family. and the last one will be scattered over the waters of a beach. i have not decided which beach yet as the beaches of singapore are not really up to my standard. i want some place CLEAN.

moving on.......my spirit will then rise to heaven (hopefully), where i will meet various strangers who are potential heavenly friends. and there i will wine and dine like a queen. and whenever i want to, i can float down to earth and visit all my living friends and family. and possibly haunt those who have offended me in one way or another (a hint to those who are thinking of doing so). and everyone in heaven will live in harmony without any higher ranking leader aka god.

so yes....thats what i hope happens when i die.

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