hairy Harry


meet hairy Harry.

hes the guy i made up to prove a point.
so... basically he is HAIRY.

now...what makes Harry so sexy?
its his hair of course!

ok...enough of this.

basically... i was having a debate with ryan as to whether hair on guys was sexy.

and i think its a YES
and he completely disagrees with me.

my reasons why hairy Harry is sexy:

1. its just the manly thing. originating from caveman times, the image of manly man are those with hairy chests.

2. sexy men are meant to be hairy, and sexy women hairless. (dont u realise its always the opposite. like how men can be obnoxious and women have to be demure...we women always get the tail end of things...)

3. it provides warmth! for the cold winter nights.

and ryan's refuting points as to why hairy Harry is not sexy:

1. its unhygienic. when he sweats, his chest will start to stink and eventually, disgusting green mould will grow on it.

2. Harry might very well be a monkey.

3. he cant think of anymore!


i have decided to be kind...
and call it a truce. (but technically......3 to 2)

so yes... i guess it depends on the preference of women.
not all women find Harry attractive.
and even if he is, he has to keep clean and stink free.


[L] said...

some guys get turned on when their hair is plucked affectionately or otherwise by members of the opposite sex.

im not one of them.

hairy chests. ewww..

Samantha said...

omg clara! hahaha!!! i have to vote for ur bf this time.. lol...
u and ur random talks.. haha
cya in sch tmr! (:(:

Clara said...

hahaah!! how dare you!! tsk tsk....
ure suppose to be on my side!!!
anyways..... see you in sch ya! =)