my turn to take over the wheel

i had my first driving lesson today.=)

yes. believe it.
clara lee...the woman who is horrifically bad at multi-tasking is learning how to drive.

somehow..i felt so in control.
and yet.
the control i was given, seemed quite overwhelming.
the fact that i can just run over a pedestrian and kill that poor soul.
just so.

got me thinking.
in the real life context.
when people give you the wheel.
dont take it like its nothing.
for its something.
dont abuse it.
misuse it.
take care in not "running" people over.
cause you might not know.
that person you run over might be someone you know.

if you get what i mean.


[L] said...

pfftt...bloody women drivers xD

Clara said...

RAWR! dont under estimate my skills okay!!! i actually didn't hit anything on my first try!! hahahah