pick me up. not pick on me.

when you realise that people have their flaws, it seems all the more clear how realistic the situation is becoming.
and when u see past it all, it becomes all the more significant.
u learn to accept it.
love it.
not change it or mould it.
embrace it.
for people are who they are.
its their flaws that make them human.
unique individuals.

can u imagine a picture perfect person
oh...how boring and dull that will be.
nothing to pick on.
nothing to fret over.
just plain, white and black.
no hint of vibrancy.

if right now,
at this moment.
youre frustrated over someone,
who is lets say.....
arrogant? (yes you hun.heh.)
ponder about how dull and inhuman the person would be.
without that single trait.
that u assumed to be bad.

why waste time picking on flaws.
when it can be better spent picking out the goodness in people.

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