stuck with yourself.

hm...i was watching this show "how to look good naked"
basically, its about this gay show host, who goes around helping self-conscious women love their own bodies.
and ultimately convincing them that they are sexy naked.
sounds ridiculous, but think about it.

many women today are suffering from low self esteem.
all because of what?

and once u get pass all the layers and layers of fats,
and discover who that wonderfully marvellous person is inside,
the love-handles will never be a problem.

but what does it take for all the women in this world to say
"i dont care if im fat, i like the way i am"

instead of the familiar

"OMG. i look like a whale."???

for one thing..
it will take a lot of inspirational books with titles like
"love who you are" or "revealing the sexy inner you"

on top of that.
completely discarding media that encourages the importance of superficial beauty.

my point is.
its pretty much impossible to eliminate this phenomenon

we girls just have to cut down the on whining and complaining
and boost positive thinking!!

i know..
this is a case of
"easier said than done".

but hey,
since youre stuck with yourself for the rest of your life,
might as well love it,
than hate it.

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[L] said...

clara....i have a confession to make....


im fat :(
*twidles thumbs*