traumas of parenting

being a parent is the world's most challenging task im sure.

lets start from pregnancy.
i mean. of course it isnt easy carrying around a kicking little bugger in your womb for 9 months.
not to mention the vomiting and water retention.
and fluctuating hormones.

then the horror comes when the baby does break free.
u would think the worst is over.
but oh no.
youre so wrong.
its just the beginning.
sleepless nights, dirty diapers, constant whining and whimpering in your ears.
thats just the tip of the ice berg.

when the kid hits puberty.
youre in for one hell of a ride.
hormones and teenagers. the worst combination in the world.
to control them, its like walking a dog.
pull on the leash too tight, and they might bite back.
let it go too loosely, they might run wild.

and when it comes to my age, which is the legal age.
they have to adopt the "this is your destination, find your own path" mentality.
instead of the "do this and this and this.....followed by this, and youre all set" mentality.
if not, we just end up being brainless morons who dont have minds of our own.

so yes. do think about the trauma your parents have gone through.
and spare them some agony.

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