cheaters liars revenge.

i was watching oprah.
and she never fails to entertain me.
this week, she was talking about why men cheat on their wives.

you might think that the normal answer to this question is
but no,
its not entirely true.

some men who cheat might have perfectly happy marriages with a completely good sex life.
and STILL do so.
its because of how the other woman makes them feel.

etc etc....
u get the drift.

all in all...
men who cheat are deprived of ego boosting.

well, if u think about.
it makes sense.
they're wives who have been married to them for so many years cant possible say to him every single day
"my god.....you are the most amazing and wonderful man i have ever met on the face of this earth!!"
that would just be too mushy.

but she would have done that when they first met for example.
so the guy is just longing for something that is just WAYYY in the past.
i mean u have kids, a job and a mortgage to pay up for.
there are better things to do than worry about boosting your husband's ego (which might be obscenely huge already).

i cant be unfair and sexist.
so i shall mention about why women cheat too.
oprah didnt exactly talk about this in the show...
so i guess all this is based on my own opinion.

women are said to be more emotionally involved than guys.
so when women cheat,
its either their husbands dont display enough emotional affection (such as being concerned and respecting her thoughts)
there is zero communication between the couple.
when i mean zero.
its implies NO understanding....NO connection....and NO decent conversations.

so basically....
the misconception of people cheating on their spouses because they aren't getting enough "action" should be thrown out the window.


[L] said...


clara watches opra.
i have nothing more to say

Clara said...

whatever sammy!
lol....its not a sin =)