old wrinkly and dry.

theres something intriguing about dead flowers.
its dead.
but still vibrant.
bursting with memories......
the musky smell.
the dense colours.

and theres another side.

makes u think...
when things are old and wrinkly....will they still be as adored as much as when they were blooming.
like how you first buy a new doll and its sparkling and shiny.
and soon, there is a tear in its dress and the hint of pink on its cheeks start to fade away.
and you leave it, chuck it to the back of a dusty cupboard.
left there.

or will the charm of its age draw you closer.
the fact that it has memories...
stories to tell.
a past to share.
experiences lived.

dont take age as a barrier.
for its a benefit.
it adds character.
and everyone can do with more character.

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