you know how some things are addictive.
so addictive that once you start u cant stop.
im sure all of us do.
silly me.

like for example.
when someone warns you
"dont try that cake!! once u take a bite....u wont be able to stop."
"dont start smoking. its hard to quit"
"dont take drugs. u might die of OD"
things like that.
that kinda addiction.

easy to start.
hard to go back
maybe even impossible.
cause you have already experienced it.
been through the feeling of possessing it.
being in control.

you wont be able to go back in time.
to the self that you once were.
the person who didnt have that control.
that shock of adrenaline.
the intense pleasure.

for we can never be that person again.
so here we are.
as addicted as we are.
right here.
right now.
never going back.

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