press play.

today i shall touch on the topic of players.
people who make use and take advantage of others for their own selfish benefits.
be it sexual or social status wise.
and when i say people, i mean both guys AND girls.
i think the main misconception is that most players are guys

but i believe that in this century.
girls are too.

so what about them.
what makes them do what they do.

like i said.
its can be purely out of sexual contentment.

or to improve their social status.
a way to boost "popularity"
such a lame and insanely childish method.
i know.

hm....and did i mention they are scheming and conniving.
they HAVE to be.
in order to trick the minds of their chosen victims.

we have to learn to avoid them.
identify and avoid.
simple as that.
if not.
ure in for a lot of time wasting and tear shedding.

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