single or attached.

i stumbled upon this picture.
and the first thing that i thought of was.
single or attached.

what makes it so crucial for us humans to want to be attached?
to be with someone.

then again.
there are those who are happily single.
nothing wrong with that.

back to the question.
is it the sheer attractiveness and attention received.
like how a pair of cherries are so more more appealing than a single stalk.
im not making much sense.
its just me talking to myself then.
the main point im possibly trying to convey is that most things in nature are related.
like how leaves fall when romance is in the air.
or how storm clouds roll in when someone is down in the dumps.
and how people say that a sneeze means youre missed.
and the workings of "he loves me he loves me not"petals.
its all nature baby.

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