closed book.

hey all.
i will be taking a short break from blogging.
a lot going on right now.
too much for words to impart.

for now, it a closed book.
and when im back.
a blank new one will be open.

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Anonymous said...

"A scattered memory is a far off dream. A Far off dream is a scattered dream. I wish to link up the pieces - both yours and mine" -Kingdom Hearts.

Unable to swallow the loss of love
Had to part my life with you
Doesn't matter what i become
Its what you become I'm concerned about.

Pieces of dreams floats in my mind
Wakened with tears on my cheek
Shocked from all the disturbance
Wish to seek solitude from all beings.

Sense the pain, sadness and despair
Wishing I could absorb all
With the sorrows lingering in me
Just to see you smile once more.

Every drop of tears that falls
May it never reach your heart.
As every drop carries my sorrows
I just wish you stay by my side...

"How come you treat me so nice still?"
The answer you already knew.
4 years ago, I gave you the answer.
Until the present, my answer reminds the same...

If i have to smash up my pride, i will do it.
All that, just to prove one thing.
That my answer is the same as before...