the secret.

the secret to life.
theres this theory that the most important law to believe in is the the law of attraction.

you attract the things that happen in your life.
youre in control.
its all about thinking.

you attract what u think about most.
and u BECOME what you think about being.

its all about positive or negative thinking.
ever realise how when u cut urself in the morning or spill your coffee,
your entire day seems to be ruined?
thats cause of negative thoughts following on from that single event.
you attract negative events with negative thoughts.
law of attraction.
simple as that.

how can i stop myself from thinking these negative thoughts u may ask.
first me aware of your feelings.
cause ur feelings tell u what ure thinking.
if u feel good, youre thinking positive.
feeling bad, ure thinking negative.

now. the trick after you have realised when you are thinking negative is to convert that immediately.
focus on something happy.

when u do that,
the good things just flow.
good attracts good.

and no. im not into some meditation, state of euphoria thing....
and im not going to become a nun or something.
just read a book thats all.

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