fly away wallet.

i think ive been spending too much money.
it being the holidays now and all.
nights out.
more clothes.
and food.

shall follow my positive thinking book's advice on how to attract money.
visualise that the money is coming to you.
as a thousand dollar check in the mail,
or as objects of desire.
however you want to represent it.

may or may not work.
but ah wells.
no harm trying.

hm....for a few days now i have been waking up chanting the words "thank you" over and over again.
saying those words the first thing i wake up.
and when i step out of bed.
im slightly convinced it works in making my day better.
cause on days i forget to do that ritual,
the day doesnt turn out as good.

i know..
i should probably stop this positive thinking babble.
freaking you out perhaps.

ive stopped.

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