frozen baby.

my dream last night has been disturbing me the whole day.
i dreamt of my cousin. as a 2-3 year old.
the clara in my dream isnt the clara i know myself as.
she is sadistic.
im speaking from a third person's point of view as i dont regard her as myself.
that is the dream state clara.

she locked him in the freezer.
and let him freeze there.

until the guilt was too much to take.
she opened it,
and he was blue.
my grandma was horrified.
turned on the hose.
to literally thaw him.

just cant get the image of the frozen lifeless baby out of my head.

and to see the pink in his cheeks again was the most uplifting feeling ever.

if dreams say something about your character,
im screwed.

im probably labeled as a baby killing psychopath from a psychoanalytical point of view.


Sashipagan said...

you're not la ! cant imagine you doing such a thing.. you're one of the nicest ppl i know !

Clara said...

but if i had that dream. that means somewhere deep down i have this unconscious desire to be THAT evil baby killing woman?? =S