i see you.

my grandma and aunt are here to visit=)

its funny how family can turn your spirits around.
the exam stress is slightly more suppressed now.
then again, it might just be the good food we have been having.

its funny how i now speak mostly canton to my grandma, not mandarin anymore.

and after not seeing her for such a long time,
i realised how time has passed so quickly.
how easily things slip by.
bit by bit shes aging.
i dont want that.
not so soon.
in fact never.
impossible i know.

and come to think of it,
whenever i go back home,
the changes that were once subtle
are now distinct.
the bits of grey hair on my dad's head.
the little bits of forgetfulness popping up in my mom.
just makes me think if i wasnt here and back home with them,
would i even notice?

and now that my brother is coming too next year,
who will be my "spy".
will i get a shock after not seeing them for so long?

part of life i guess.

3 steps.

simple and yet complex.

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