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i bet many people have been in situations in which they find that their friendship with another person had progressed into something more.
and one person doesnt have the exact same kind of feelings that the other has in mind.

what are the solutions to this possibly universal problem.
without hurting the feelings of the other person?

the first way might hurt.
that is to tell the person straight up front.
"i dont like u in a way that is more than a friend"
i know.
so in order to buffer the effects of this.
at least make a statement after that goes something like
"but i really appreciate the friendship that we have"

that might sort of pillow things up.

the 2nd alternative is the avoidance method.
to ignore all possible contact.
ignore phone calls.
ignore messages.
and of course....
ignore all attempts to meet.

hard but possible.

but beware, the second method might ruin the friendship altogether.
so reconsider and weigh out the options.

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