ball rolling.

theres something seriously wrong happening.
everyone seems to be a bit off recently.
i cant place my finger on it.
maybe its just coincidence.
i dont know.
but all this negativity, confusion, drama, unanswered questions.
is extremely frustrating.

i wonder if its the weather.
or just the time of the year.
when everyone draws unnecessary baggage to themselves.

should i go with the flow.
and head for a possible doom.
or stop it right now.

just when i thought it was okay.
it springs right back up again.
like a sprouting bean.

when i saw that gesture.
the intense red splurged.
or maybe some green.

just when a person seems human.
they turn around and become alien.
the facts dont match the face.
puzzle unsolved.

when history comes to bite u back again.
it clings on hard.

those are my five.
and i am just one.
an unfair match.

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