i feel new.
refreshed and revitalised.
its the beginning of all things new.

i can feel it.
no going back on old school notes.
just move on.
everything spick and span.
prim and proper.
sparklingly brand new.

thats the way to go.
this year.

ive found out that making a list of new year resolutions is bad for mental health
if they cant be achieved.
those regarding superficial imperfections.

so i shall come up with an alternative.
and scratch the old one.

things i would like to accomplish in 2009

1. go on a solitary holiday to a distant country.
2. participant in a marathon.
3. donate blood and not fall sick after.
4. learn a new language.
5. go for dance classes.
6. make a furry friend.
7. save paper and recycle.


Sammie said...

make a furry friend?! :O
Solitary holiday...might i suggest vietnam? :D

Clara said...

vietnam....hm...i just came back from cambodia! quite templed-out. lol

and yes. make a furry friend as i cant own one =( new apartment doesnt allow.