redundant purchases.

in the past 3 days.
i have purchased numerous random items.

animal stickers.
fluffy scarves.
9 books.
karma from several street buskers.
bunny ears.
too many to remember.

this is the kind of thing i do when im bored.
or just plain itchy handed.
i spend money on funny things.

so if my mom asks me.
"what did you spend 1000 bucks on last month?"
my reply should probably be crap.
but in practice of lying.
i shall say "nice things like books." (which is partly true)

i have come to realise that people have a shopping trance.
it begins with the sudden attraction of something pretty or interesting.
like for my case in the past few days it was BOOKS.
then the trance proceeds with random browsing and keeping things that are of interest in hand.
this piling of items in hand are the first signs of shopping trance.
so if you do find yourself in such a situation,

if you do not adhere to my warning.
stage 3 progresses.
it is the dropping of things due to the excessive load of unmanageable items that have been grabbed.
bending down to pick dropped items require skill as you would not want to drop more of the items in your hand.

stage 4 of shopping trance is scan and eliminate.
look through all potential buys and discard any that do not scream I NEED THIS.
the deadly version of this trance is when you replace the word NEED for WANT.

the final stage is emptying out wallets.
so depressing i shall not elaborate.

it is only when participants get out of this trance
that you can effectively communicate and converse with them like civilised human beings.

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