lee one, lee two, lee three......

clones should be baned.
they should not be entitled to steal identities.

in order to avoid being cloned.
please take note of the following advice on how to identify them and avoid.

1. they give an excessive amount of compliments
eg. "wow. nice dress." x 100

2. checking people out is their forte.

3. signs of yourself in terms of dressing start to show on them in terms of style.
( this is the critical stage, action has to be taken before the complete cloning process take

4. they start to talk like you. the slangs and expressions you use.

5. their actions mimick yours. especially during group conversations.

6. they BECOME you.

so please be warned.
for i have already been somewhat of a victim.
and i can no longer wear what i used to wear.
as we would look like twins.
and i wouldnt want to be the evil one.

good luck with yours.
if you do have one.
and if you dont.
look out for the signs mentioned above.

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