unsolved mysteries.

there are numerous things i question in life.
that are most likely impossible to find an answer to.
and yet i ask them still.

here are just a few of many.

black or white, white or black.
which came first, the egg or the hen.
why dont men call?
are all women bi in one way or another.
why do people constantly says something tastes like chicken when it is presumably weird.

and here are some statements that i find to be quite true.
and not mysteries at all.

if u have doubt about your other half cheating on you, chances are he already is.
people who have "allergies" that are plain weird are just picky liars.
men often chose their straight partners based on how much she attracts the attention of other girls.
all words are ambiguous, so technically, the words nigger, fag and other insults may not even be insulting at to begin with.
scent is a strong memory trigger, even stronger than the the sight of the person itself.
you can never be too rich, but u can be too thin.
hair makes up about 80% of a person's facial identity, hence the term "crown of glory".

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