almost there biscotti.

okay i have got a confession.
im becoming a baking FREAK.

so this is item number 2 for the month.
almond biscotti.

i was a bit hesitant to make these nutty fragile things.
as when i was growing up
i have had the most amazingly thinly sliced ones made by aunt (my mom's best friend).

they were just so crisp and delicate.
nicely packed in a jar with a hand-written note along side dangling from a ribbon.
but after her passing,
no one was left with the original recipe.
its GONE.

and as a 8 year old child then
i had not yet developed appreciation for the amount of skill involved.

so i searched high and low for the PERFECT recipe.
and this is the best i got.

its from book by Allyson Gofton titled "bake".

after taking out the log and slicing it as thinly as i possibly could.
it knew it was no where near the ones aunty grace made.
and somehow i think that as the lost recipe can never be retrieved,
it will never be the same.

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