dont be shy. take a bite.

these are my pink blushing fortune cookies.
with a hint of rose flavor.
they are shy, for the message within them could be a tad bit mushy.

the batter was a breeze to make.
BUT the process of making these parcels one by one was....
no pain no gain i guess.
i ended up scalding my arm with the baking tray (result of my clumsy nature)
and just in case you're wondering... yes...i did wear cotton gloves when moulding them.
but my wardrobe doesnt seem to accommodate nice ones with finger tips intact,
only the fingerless ones.
so yes...u can imagine how "effective" they were.

the fact that you only have about a 10 second window to fold them is a tad bit stressful.
putting 2 into the oven every 3 minutes,
i think i must have said... "owwww owww." so many times that my brother gave up asking if i was okay.

but i guess it all pays off.
for they were light and delicate.

and i like how for homemade fortune cookies you can write your own personalised fortune notes.
instead of getting dull meaningless messages.
and of course i made full advantage of this. =)

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