parental restraint.

i love it when my parents come over to visit.
its like a slice of home.
without the hot humid weather.
and mosquitoes.

sometimes its just....
too muchhh.

i think ive been too used to having such a huge circumference of personal space.
that i had to accommodate them with much difficulty.
from little nitpicking
to bickering back and forth.

and the funny thing is.
sometimes i KNOW i shouldn't be saying or doing such things.
but my 19Year old body is in such dire need to express itself in outrageous ways.
like ignoring neighborly complaints without any consideration whatsoever.

even i ask myself?
why do i do such things even though i know they are wrong.
i think it was an explosion of self-expressive rebellious behavior due to the accumulation of being caged up for the past week.

just glad im not the parent of myself.

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