chocolate affair cupcakes.

i have recently developed a disgust towards cupcakes.
dont ask me why,
for i might murder you for reminding me.

but today,
my mom requested i make some to bring to her office.
being the filial daughter i am.
i agreed to undertake these treacherous little things.

these were from martha stewart's recipe.
which yielded fantastically moist and aromatic cupcakes.
so much so my brother stole one when my back was turned.

this was my first attempt at making icing flowers.
lots more improvement i gotta say.
hm... maybe next time i shall try fondant as its consistency is probably like the polymer clay im used to handling.

BUT. i dont think i will be making more cupcakes soon.
for i still hate them.
despite my one on one bonding session with them today.

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