kitchen rantings.


1. my kitchen really needs a vegetable peeler for lefties. (try peeling 40 potatoes with a knife)

2. best friend says: "your brother's future girlfriend MUST at least be able to cook, or else she will be hated." so so true.

3. my new (and more expensive) coffee machine makes horrid coffee but i dont have the heart to tell my dad.

4. my macarons need more improvement after tasting the $2 ones i heart achingly paid for.

5. im trying to befriend cupcakes. key word: trying.

6. oh another thing from best friend. she calls me a bake-whore. how "nice". my mom giggled when i told her.

7. always add salt to chocolate.


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Salts said...

try peeling 40 potatoes with a knife
nono exxag lee! you bought at most 15 potatoes, how can you peel 40? :P