guest baker.

today i will be presenting a guest baker, Mr POASM.
who made this orange chocolate espressso cake.

i got to admit the result of this cake came to me as a great surprise.
for if u were in the kitchen with him before this final product was produced
you would have been just as doubtful as i was.

NO RECIPE whatsoever.
either a complete utter disaster waiting to happen
OR a surprising success
fortunately for Mr POASM,
it was a success!

you should have seen him.
grabbing the biggest mixing bowl he could get his hands on
and chucking whatever odds and ends that were available in my kitchen.
cocoa powder
espresso powder.
you name it.

whacked it in the oven.
and TADA.
moist and intense coffee cake.
topped it off with his "secret" glaze.

beginner's luck?
perhaps. =)

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