old town.

that was what i saw in a big white print on a grassy hilltop as we approached my dad's hometown,
much resembling the famous HOLLYWOOD sign.
quite a humorous welcome i must say.

so yes.
i went on a short trip to ipoh to pay a visit to my relatives and of course to

when i was younger,
i must admit.
i wasnt fond of such trips to ipoh.
as a pesky little kid who was fussy with food,
i saw ipoh as a dirty town with nothing "fun" to do.
and to top it off,
i was mosquito-phillic.

as i have come to not only appreciate good food
but to LOVE it as well.
i can proudly say

i have come to realise that the context and location of where the food is served does not matter one bit.
this i learnt from eating in the dodgiest looking coffee shops
with possible hygiene concerns.
for its these places that come up with the best food you can ever get your hands on.
screw the candlelights.
forget the cushioned chairs!
sometimes you just want to get messy.
be able to discard frog's legs bones on the table top and to reach out for food without having to fret about dripping gravy on the table.

putting all the coffee shop talk aside,
we did go to some restaurants to eat.
and i got to say,
for ipoh,
it was pretty good!

here are some snapshots from the trip.

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