things i know i shouldnt do but yet i do.

1. i like to cut my jeans cause they make me feel free.

2. hopping off buses like a 5 year old still thrills me.

3. i feel safer when i avoid stepping on pavement cracks.

4. i eat breakfast in the morning without brushing my teeth first. (oats and yoghurt tastes better without a hint of peppermint)

5. nutella and cheese sandwiches are still my favorite despite calculating its calorie content. (255 to be exact)

6. squeeze my pimples, its mandatory for the road to recovery.

7. patronize handicapped toilets.

i just cant help myself.


Jamie Oliver The fake said...

I practice all except 4 and 5 which are ewwwww. Oh I am trying hard to shake number 3 :O

Clara said...

oh i should add another one.

8. eat too much salty food. just cause it tastes better.