immortal trend?

sometimes i scare myself.
by thinking of the disastrous situation in which macarons are no long popular and have "died",
in other words, a TREND.

just like how singaporeans went crazy over cute/tasty things
bubble tea, the hello kitty soft toys from Macdonalds, doughnuts....
in which insanely long queues are created
to even extreme situations of camping outside stores just to be first in line.

of course,
i dont think macarons will ever reach such fame.
and frankly i dont want them to.
for whenever sometimes goes up, it always has to come down.

i just hope that the level of excitement over these french pastries will be constant
just like the traditional things that we still go crazy about.
such as pineapple tarts and nonya kueh.
they stick to their roots and are here to stay.
macarons too? perhaps.


SIU Head Officer said...

"for whenever sometimes goes up, it always has to come down."
mmmm hmmmm. AHAHHAHA

Clara said...

meanie you. rawr.