spray painted hearts.

Sleek in black,
not 40 degrees,
i saw you there
standing with ease.

See lee in black,
sun burning at 40 degrees.
you still look at me
like im one hell of a disease.

We think with one mind,
speak the same tongue.
One day we'll end up
just like a pair of Siamese monks.

soft Parisian cookies are my love,
but i would toss them anytime
just to let you be a part of my world.

my sweetest sin.


Sodium Chloride said...

Mmmm Hmmm, why issit siamese monks? And why do you compare such a perfect person to your macarons all the time?! Oh btw, eee looo! :) Happy Cny and Vday :)

Clara said...

thick skinned! siamese monks cause they give me the impression of having their peaceful meditating brains stuck together in such a way that they think the same way. and yes. happy vday to u =)

salty salts said...

you haven't answered my question?! Why you compare him to macarons?!?!!!