Tiffany birthday macarons.

its my 20th birthday this month!
since im the sort who doesnt really like to receive extravagant gifts.
like last year for example, i requested for a food blender set (which is oh so good, over used by now if u ask me).
thanks girls =)

"April holiday" being the theme of this month's MacTweets challenge, (the holiday being my birthday of course. =) )
i thought,
why not skip all that jewellery crap
and get down to some macaron business.
macarons in the signature Tiffany blue.
topped off with white ribbons.

for the filling i was thinking since birthday is a time of celebration.
alcohol would be very appropriate.
so grand marnier dark chocolate butter cream it was!

oh and yes, please click play to view more pictures.


Jamie said...

I love this! That is definitely a holiday in my book and these macs are clever and yummy! Happy Birthday and you deserve the best! Thanks for playing along with Mactweets this month. I love your entry!

Clara said...

thanks jamie! brainstorming for mactweet ideas are currently my favorite hobby other than baking of course!

Kitchen Butterfly said...

Superb job.....love the decorated macs!

Deeba PAB said...

Oh these are precious...far more precious than jewels for moi! I love the creative thought, and the beautiful Tiffany colour and embellishments! Wonderful choice on the filling too. Thanks for joining us at MacTweets.
Happy 20th in advance!!

Bonnie said...

How great that you piped ribbons. Happy birthday!

Clara said...

thanks for the birthday wishes. =)