back to chilly nights

here i am. back to my normal routine.
without the warmth.
"its cold on your side tonight" =(

i shall just occupy my time with work.

hopefully not drown myself in the process.

as i was brainstorming for my psychology assignment, it got me thinking about the nature of things.

the amazing form of basic day to day objects. how the petals of a flower flows. how clouds are disarrayed and yet symmetrical.

reminds me of the times i keep pointing out to christine when we are walking down the streets "omg...look! pretty flower".

and i just have to stop and stare. its just too gorgeous to walk past. it deserves to be admired.

even basic human forms i am amazed by. i question if im bisexual due to my fascination of amazingly gorgeous women, but ryan assures me its just the fact that i have the passion for all things beautiful.

i think it kinda explains my love for drawing.
and old antiques.
and nature.

these are the things that erase the cold, metallic, hard and solidification of the world through electronics and technology.

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