wacha baking love?

one day, if i dont ever find a job.
im gonna open a cake shop.

one of those simple cake shops that just sell the old granny recipe traditional cakes.
preferably with the name "cake me clara"

the signature cake will be the chocolate cake. extra spongy and fluffy with fudge on the top and in between. simple and yet perfect.

other than that, there will be only 2 other cakes.

banana cake
and carrot cake.

banana cake with honey walnut and oats sprinkled on top.

carrot cake with white sour cream icing spread over generously.
just the way my dad likes it.

also, there will be cupcake variations of the cake flavours.

all nicely decorated with icing and flowers.

and so.

if you do every crave for cakes in lets say...... 15 years from now.

look out from "cake me clara" =)

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