die and rise again

im thinking about reincarnation.

not sure if i believe in it.

im wondering if the babies born are actually souls of people in the past.

wouldnt that be sick.

giving birth to a past criminal or druggie.

even though the souls dont remember their past lives at all.

just a thought.

and do people who die have this holding place they go to and queue.

like 3 queues to choose from.

heaven, hell or back to earth as a baby.

what if good people decide that they dont really want to go to heaven?

even though their eligible.

cause someone they love is in hell and wants to accompany them.

can they choose to go to hell instead?

i mean it makes sense that people who are going to hell cant chose where to go.

cause they dont deserve the choice.

but good people do.

the thought of death just brings up too many questions in my head.

will my soul rise upwards? or will some allocated being from the other world come and collect it.

such a mystery.

not that i want to know the answers anytime soon.

but yeah.

just a thought.

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[L] said...

personally, i'd rather drift in space for eternity as a spirit, exploring the vast universe.

i don't relish the idea of a permanent holding ground for all eternity. ie. heaven or hell.

but if i had a choice....
heaven for the weather, hell for the company xD