bang wham kaaapowww

notice how violent cartoons are nowadays?

not only that,
they are boring!
not that i watch them, im kinda forced to when my little cousins hog the tv.

so yeah. whats up with cartoons in this century?

is it me or do some cartoons have sexual references as well.
since when do cartoons have kissing and "hugging" involved?
inappropriate for 3 year olds dont u think?

what happened to good old sesame street and barney.

and my all time favorite. WALLACE AND GROMIT =)
i remember snuggling under my bed with all my pillows and fighting for blanket space with my brother.
and we would hum the theme song
over and over and over again.
i think one year we got so obsessed people actually gave us wallace and gromit merchandise as christmas presents.

ok. back to the main issue.

bring back mickey mouse! bring back tom and jerry!

kids now a days need the good old classics. they need that innocent joyful entertainment, not cartoons filled with villain killing and crappy conversations.

some kids dont even know the story of Aladdin or snow white and the seven dwarfs for that matter! what a shame.

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