little white lies

i dont think there is ever a person on this earth who has not lied in his ENTIRE life.
i mean its just impossible!
ok. lets say your job was a hairdresser for example.
its basically a necessity to lie!
"you look gorgeous! it totally suits your face shape!"

if you tell the truth which is
"oh my iffing god. i totally screwed up. u look like a dog just bit your head and spat it out. please still pay up."
you will end up losing your job on the first day of work.

so yes.
what about those oh so religious people who claim they dont ever commit the sin of lying!
lying that they dont lie.
whats worst than that.

and then there are the lies that are essential for civilised human interaction.
without those lies, we would be acting like animals, clawing at each other.
like when a woman asks her man "do u think im as fat as a whale?"
if he tells the truth.........
good luck to him.
thats all i can say.
the best thing he can do at that point of time is LIE.

so yes.
lying is part of life.
so when mummy says "always tell the truth. thats what good people do."
shes lying too.

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