men and their egos.
sometimes i wonder if everything they do is just an accessory.
to dress it up some more.

yes yes....all u guys out there are probably going....
"sighhh...not another one of those male ego related talks"
but trust me.
all im doing is stating the truth.
whether you like it or not.=X

so as i was saying.
yes....so almost everything they do has a hidden objective of feeding their egos.
hm....for example....
getting a good career...
or a sports car (not directly pointing at u dear =S)
so they can drive around and bask in their glory which is basically just a 4 wheel vehicle.

hm.......this post might be a bit crude...
but hey.
life aint all about getting rich and cars and HUGE houses that are empty most of the time.
basically excess stuff.
i mean...
as most people already know...
the richest man isnt necessary the happiest.

be it male or female...
ego or no ego.
everyone should not have the intention of living life to the max.
for there can never be a maximum point.
as the possibilities are endless.
(and the 4 Cs are a major clue to that endlessness)
just be contented with what u already have.

and to all those blokes out there.
give it a break.
for egos only makes jerks out of fine men.

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