faded photographs and distant memories.

i was rummaging through my old childhood pictures.
and i found this crazy picture.
judging from my height.....
i guess im about 4-5 years old?
hard to tell.
and hes about 7-8.
so weird.
how we grew up together.
and now seeing this picture.
its like.......
"great......i bet u saw me in nappies or something"
and take note of my little tricycle in the background!
couldnt even ride a bicycle yet.
oh! and i think i was doing some observational learning back then!
imitating the "peace" signs...
and christine knows that i still do learn most things that way.
enough of reminiscing the past..
for now...
or should i say later tonight.
we meet.
see u later alligator.

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