sex drugs alcohol.

what would the world be like for a day....
without the 3 essential sins. (thats if u count sex as a sin)

lets see...
for one thing.
friday nights would be spent sitting on the couch watching sappy movies
and being a major couch potato.

no sex...
that.... will be a sad sad day for the world.
utterly depressing.

no drugs...
a good thing.
unless....half of the world goes into cold turkey.....
cause as u all know.....we are unaware of the number of people who chase the dragon so to speak.
this will cause major human resource breakdown in the workforce.
bad bad bad.

no booze......
thats interesting..
well.....without booze....how can secrets be pried out of people!!
its the ultimate tool to unlocking sealed lips.
and EVERYONE will be sober.
so you yourself cant bitch talk..... as everyone will not be drunk enough to "forget" what happened last night.

so the main thing is.
remove sex drugs and alcohol from the world.
and youre headed for disaster.

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