crayon markings by the door.

i used to remember how my dad would see how much my brother and i have grown by taking a crayon and putting a marking above our heads.
the amazing progress..
inch by inch.
in that short period of time.
its just so amazing.

i remember how as a kid i would get frustrated over not being able to do "grown up things"
oh boy.....
if only i had known better.
i wouldnt have said "i want to grow up faster!"

now. i just wish i could be a kid all over again.

and yet.
u have to move on.
life is not like a tape.
there no rewind button.
no stop.
no pause.
just play.
u have to live the moment.
as it is.
at that single point of time.
and think about how many moments there are in a minute.
how many memories can be made from a moment.
and finally how much joy can be relived through a single memory.

and that is life.
live it.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps, it isnt the easiest thing to grow up.
We hold on to things that once were.
We look up in wonder at the stars. In wonder of whats to come.

But maybe one night, we might realise,
that it is time,
to really let go of what had been,
and look ahead to what would be.
New days. Future days. The days to come.

But the thing is,
we DONT have to look back on being a child.
We just have to forgive ourselves...for growing up.

And now i pose one question to you.

What would the child you were, think of the adult you have become?

Clara said...

i can so tell its you..=)

hm.....about that question.

i dont think anyone has truely become an adult until they have discovered who they really are.
completely and fully.
and i dont think i have yet.
the child i was cannot judge me yet.

Anonymous said...

An admirable answer. One that was surely the product of ample deliberation.

Nonetheless, perhaps you are mistaken on your hasty deduction of who i am.
Are humans so easily identified? And judged based on our words? Maybe not it seems.

Clara said...

my bad then.=S wrong person.
i guess you and my friend have something in common then.

writing style and constant questioning of issues that can never be fully explained through simple dialogues over blog comments.