desert friend

i bought a new friend.
yes i BOUGHT one.

meet him.

yes HIM.
i figured it was a "him" due to the dangerous spikes and seemingly charming appearance.

i was pondering if i should name him.
for if he died of thirst.
due to unexplainable reasons. (not my fault)
or just lacked being in the great outdoors.

i dont think a name would help me get over the loss any faster.

ah heck.
a name wont hurt.

i name him.......

randalf it is. =)
goofy and yet mysteriously spiky.
just the way a cactus should be.

and mind this 5 year old "i got an imaginary friend" behaviour.
i just figured i need more "live" company in my apartment.
in place of a cat.


christine said...

babe, i think you spelt desert WRONGLY! LOL! i dont suppose you intended to eat the poor cactus did you?
and i do read your blog!:D its great, keep it up!!!!!

Clara said...

hahaah! thats retarded. as usual my spelling is a wreck. lol.