sometimes i feel the benefits of being an uniform group in secondary sch.
the sense of perseverance i have gained from that.
wont trade it for anything.

i remember palms down on the coarse, sun scorched track.
body in guy style pumping position.
sweat flowing to the tip of my nose.
arms turning jelly.

but yet..
all 21 of us did it.
and accepted whatever mistakes we commited.
covered for one another.

"one for all, all for one."

i will always remember that phrase.
the true meaning of unity.

and when seniors told me those were going to be best times in my school life,
it didnt really occur to me how right they were.
for those were,
the best times ive ever had.

sweating it out.
in dirt.

and i remember at some moments i would be thinking
"this is the crappiest moment of my life"

was i wrong.
for many more of those are to come.
and i would be thinking that line all over again.

just in case your wondering...thats a picture of jars that represent each 21 of us in delphinus (my squad).

im the one in the extreme left middle row. =)

did i also mention how old i feel.
after reading my junior's blogs.
those who i have never met before.


Anonymous said...

thats a beautiful picture clara. and i know how much meaning that must hold for you.

i hope you never ever forget those memories, because they probably helped form the person that you have become today.

but if you let too many things cover up your true self, then think back to the times when you were younger and standing in that file. shoulder to shoulder, back to front, and remember who you really are.

Clara said...

i dont think i will ever forget those memories. its one of those things i look back 50 years from now, and smile at how young and alive i was.

hm.... my true self.
thats one thing to ponder.
the word true is just so broad.
so much so people write books explaining the whole idea of what "true" is.

may we find our true selves.
whatever it may be. =)