i think thats the only thing u need in life really.
of course. theres the other factor.

but imagine this.
someone who is so easily pleased and satisfied.
living in a dump.
no money at all.
can that person truly be happy.

without money.
its hard.
but possible.

u can say that..
oh! some people are happy without the luxuries in life.
and are STILL happy.
but are they happier than those who do have what they dont possess?

measuring the level of happiness.
thats a tough one.
perhaps something that counts the number of genuine smiles.
where the muscles around your eyes actually contract.
thats a possible way.

is there even an extent to happiness?
like can someone be TOO happy.
and in turn bringing about problems?

im thinking along the lines of being overly optimistic.
"arent u upset that so and so died?"
"oh! look on the bright side. now we dont have to listen to all that nagging!"
this is an extreme case of course.
but yes.
overly happy. bad too.

and yet there are people struggling to gain any level of happiness at all.

this is one crazy world i tell u.

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