peddle fast peddle hard. lets go away.

i remember being a little girl.

and one day u asked,

"would u like a ride on the back of my bike?"('tom pang' in singlish)

and i agreed.

i got on.

i barely remember the ride.

all i can recall is seeing the back of ur head.

and hanging on tight.

then somehow my shoe got stuck.

on the tire spoke.

my toe got caught.

and there it was.
a torn up pair of pink girly shoes.

and a scar to be

when i see that scar.

i think of you.

so basically.

i cant get you out of my head.

for u are a part of me.

a scar.

never to be removed.

never gone.

never faded.

just there.

for as long as i can remember.

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